INDUSTRY Cafe concept

The current cafe concept, which has grown a bit to our heart. It brings a new perspective on the "common" format of cafes and brings together anyone who doesn’t despise really good coffee, homemade cakes and their own organic drink. The rest is completed by an interesting space, friendly staff and a youth team that represents the target group.

Finally, it depends
on the results

The result is a consistent identity with your own story and emotion. It includes a logo manual, which includes the communication concept and packaging of the products.
Logo design The theme for the creation of the logo was the use of cafe elements. We created these through a simple illustration and appropriately chosen keywords in the form of a Serif font.
Visual identity All processed materials reflect the characteristic emotion for the given segment and, above all, the modern positioning of the brand.
Packaging design Thanks to minimalism and industrial aluminum, we have adapted the character of organic drinks to the new era of gastronomy, an era hungry for unconventional products.

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