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An architectural studio, behind which stands a humorous team with the necessary skills, experience directly from the field and passion for the cause. Well, whether it is a new building, reconstruction or interior, only a very small group of people are aware of the true meaning and importance of this work. So what was our job? Surely, let it stand out! In all its beauty, on paper, but also in various corners of the Internet.

Finally, it depends
on the results

Spending moments together, long evenings and work weekends finally led us to the desired and especially consistent result. In addition to the logo and solid visual, we also put the same effort into processing the base materials. A glass example is the logo manual, which you can now look at.
Logo design In this case, the concept that was created literally at the last minute won out. The legible, straightforward, but otherwise capable logotype hides the initials "PM" and precise lines close to the architecture.
Visual identity To make the whole process go smoothly and without problems, we needed to catch the point. Then our work went hand in hand. The final outputs are business cards, documentation envelopes and more.
Web portfolio This time we rely on a simple page layout, tailor-made icons and short, but relevant text. We were thus able to draw the attention of potential clients directly to the project realizations.
Advertising printed matter The main target are local customers. That's why we've created a series of advertising visuals for different purposes. The condition was good visibility and clear display of information.

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