RallyradostiA unique charity event

An exceptional concept and a truly generous intention - every year, great people and dozens of sports cars gather here to raise money for children who really need it. Simply a unique mix of automotive experience and often strong emotions. At the same time, a perfect example of the fact that there are still people who have their heart in the right place.

Finally, it depends
on the results

Therefore, we were extremely pleased that we were able to contribute to the implementation of the entire project with our truly. The result of such cooperation is a friendly, but at the same time professional-looking website with a clear structure. And most importantly, with the opportunity to support the right thing :)
Intro The priority was to attract the visitor right at the beginning. For that purpose, we decided to use professionally edited background video. Another feature is the countdown to the beginning of the event.
Home page Nobody likes long and lifeless text, so we focused only on what is necessary. No "sauces" around, just the contents with maximum of informative value
Gallery The website includes an intuitive gallery that captures a selection of the best of recent years. For each image, we thought about the author and the possibility of a comfortable download.
Mobile version Due to the growing number of mobile devices, we paid the same attention to the mobile version. It was preceded by an individual design, which may not be the rule nowadays.
Blog In this case, the archive of articles was an essential part, where fans can follow the development of events and the latest changes throughout the year before the event itself

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